Our Training

At Biosecurity & Training South Ltd we understand first-hand the value of having secure import procedures in place. Every member of our team has an extensive background in biosecurity and is knowledgeable in all areas of border protection and compliance. We have all experienced a variety of situations which could have had potentially devastating consequences, not only on our environment & human health, but also on our primary industries, which in turn could seriously affect our exports.

We currently offer these training courses for importers in New Zealand:

Accredited Person Course

Any business receiving imported shipping containers directly into their MPI Transitional Facility (TF) are required to have an Accredited Person on site when containers arrive, are opened and throughout the devanning process. The Accredited Person is responsible for checking the container, the cargo and the packaging for contaminants and reporting any findings to MPI.

This course is for anyone, at any level and ability, as long as they can speak and understand spoken English.

We can cater to challenges in literacy by working verbally for training, and we are open and flexible in passing on important knowledge in a way that will be understood and adapted to individual circumstances. We combine written information and practical examples and situations, and we have a LOT of specific cases and specimens to draw from to illustrate the importance of good import practices.

The Accredited Person course will explain:

  • Biosecurity and why this is so critically important in New Zealand
  • The Accredited Person role and where you fit into the Sea Container pathway
  • The documentation and records required by facilities
  • Examples of contamination, display items and hands-on learning to back up your understanding

Facility Operator Course

All MPI Transitional Facilities (TF’s) must have an Operator who has attended this course. The Operator is the person legally responsible for ensuring the facility runs as per the MPI requirements in the Biosecurity Act 1993, MPI Standards and any relevant Import Health Standards. The Operator is the primary contact for MPI at that facility.

The Facility Operators course will explain:

  • Biosecurity and why this is so critically important in New Zealand
  • The pathway imported goods take and the interventions which occur along the pathway
  • The roles & responsibilities of the main players involved with biosecurity
  • The necessary documentation/legislation/standards applicable to a Transitional Facility
  • The legal requirements for the Operator & Transitional Facility, and the consequences of non-compliance

One person can hold the role of an Operator and an Accredited Person but they must attend both courses.

Container Fumes Awareness Course

Many sea containers are fumigated or carry cargo that emits dangerous fumes. Learn about the risks so you can formulate a plan to keep yourselves safe.

The Container Fumes Awareness course will explain:

  • Different types of fumigants, gases, VOC's
  • What to look for
  • Results of studies undertaken of residual fumigants/gases
  • Types of cargo which emits dangerous fumes
  • Symptoms & First Aid
  • Hazard Assessment

About Our Training

  • The courses are run as public courses for you to book on
  • We can run training sessions for just your own group*
  • We can travel to you-throughout New Zealand-to train on your site*
  • We provide nationwide training not just the main centres
  • All staff are very experienced and knowledgeable about Biosecurity
  • Sessions can be a mix of practical and theory
  • We train at a level to educate all attendees

*Minimum numbers apply

At Biosecurity & Training South Ltd we provide relaxed, non-threatening and fun learning environment. We consider it a challenge to have everyone enjoy the experience of learning about Biosecurity, and we share our passion for protecting New Zealand with its unique flora and fauna.